Protecting coltures since 1973

Our strength is in turnkey projects


Design and installation of glass and poly greenhouses

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Design and installation of Vertical Farming systems, heating systems, boilers, irrigation and many others

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New irrigation beam with WI-FI smart control. Machines and integrated systems, fertigation mixers

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Exposition and production benches, with special Idroalu shelves.

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What does your project need?

Respect for the environment

A "greener" greenhouse, Idroterm installs biomass boilers, irrigation systems with water recovery, shading and energy saving screens. Idroterm has developed specific kits for photovoltaic integrated in Velo greenhouse roof.

advanced systems

Searching for continuous improvement. Idroterm is cooperating with selected partners, in developing projects with aeroponic soilless roots cultivation and high efficiency LED cultivation lighting.

All types of greenhouses

Turnkey projects. From the garden center to the small shop, from orticolture to the floricolture. Our technical office is cooperating with the client to develop the best greenhouse project including structure system and inside display.

Crops in good health

Technologies first. Idroterm started as a company specialized in systems and in forty years of experience has designed and installed systems for greenhouses where grow plants in good shape and health.

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